The Old Rectory Day Nursery The Old Rectory Day Nursery


Effective from 2nd January 2018 - 31 December 2018 

Full Time 07:45 - 18:00 £215.00
Morning Only 07:45 - 12:45 £25.00
Afternoon Only 13:00 - 18:00 £22.50
Each Full Day 07:45 - 18:00 £45.00
Five Mornings Only 07:45 - 12:45 £120.00
Five Afternoons Only 13:00 - 18:00 £107.50

 Breakfast, lunch and tea, are icnluded where appropriate

 and drinks are provided throughout the day.

  • We do not charge a registration fee and a deposit or any form of advance payment is not required
  • A late collection fee will be charged @ £2.00 per 5 minutes for all sessions
  • Fees are due whether your child attends or not, and must be paid by 18:00 on Friday of each week unless paid in advance
  • Fees can only be paid in arrears by arrangement with the management prior to commencing. A late payment charge of £1 per session will be added on a weekly basis if the full fees due are not paid by Friday of each week
  • You will find our fees to be very competitive and represent excellent value, however, to remain so we rely on prompt payment
  • Payments can be made at any time in cash, or cheque and by a debit or credit card carrying any of the symbols below. Most childcare vouchers are also accepted