We have invested in two interactive touchscreen tables, an essential tool for combing fun and interactive group leaning and ensuring that children have experience of technology and how it works, to support the next stage in their leaning.

Helping children develop essential early learning skills, such as hand eye coordination, reading and communication, it encourages children to interact with a wide range of technology.

With an integrated Full HD resolution screen for the highest visual clarity, 10-point touch technology, the Interactive Touchscreen Table can be used by a group of children simultaneously.

Children can easily draw on and mark the screen with their fingers, meaning that interacting with the screen feels intuitive and natural. As well as lying flat, the Interactive Touchscreen Table can be tilted upwards to 68 degrees, enabling children to easily watch videos and interact with our rang of educational apps.

Educational Apps

We use a range of apps developed by Yellow Door. The range of apps have been developed alongside the curriculum to help children achieve the early learning goals through independent and collaborative play.

Our unique approach blends physical and digital learning experiences, where classroom and outdoor activities are further developed by interactive experiences. The games are designed to have the same physical objects and environments on screen.

Children are guided by hints and feedback while challenges and rewards motivate ongoing learning. Young children are growing up in a technologically rich world and they need to be confident users of digital resources from the start.